Airway Products

The Berman and Guedel airways from Legend Medical are made from semi-rigid polythene to avoid crimping and protect the teeth. The guedel airways are color coded for better identification. The center passage permits the pssage of suction catheters to clear secretions from the back of the throat. 

Image Model- Item Name Package Quantity
RBA24201  RBA24201  Berman Airway, 40mm, Size 0

RBA24202  RBA24202  Berman Airway, 50mm, Size 1

RBA24203  RBA24203  Berman Airway, 60mm, Size 2

RBA24204  RBA24204  Berman Airway, 70mm, Size 3

RBA24205  RBA24205  Berman Airway, 80mm, Size 4

RBA24206  RBA24206  Berman Airway, 90mm, Size 5

RBA24207  RBA24207  Berman Airway, 100mm, Size 6

RGA24103  RGA24103  Guedel Airway, Color-Coded, 60mm, Size 2

RGA24105  RGA24105  Guedel Airway, Color-Coded, 80mm, Size 4

RGA24107  RGA24107  Guedel Airway, Color-Coded, 100mm, Size 5            .

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