Suction Catheter Kit

The sterile suction catheters and kits from Legend Medical Devices, Inc. have superior quality. The soft tubing with beveled distal tip reduces patient and tissue trauma during insertion and suctioning, and the T valve provides the excellent procedural control. Suction catheters vary in diameter and the tip, and the suction catheter kit has a pair of latex free glove, pop-up solution cup and catheter.

Image Model- Item Name Package Quantity
RSC101  RSC101  Suction Cather Kit, 6fr, Graduated Catheter, Delee Tip

RSC102  RSC102  Suction Catheter Kit, 8fr, Graduated Catheter, Delee Tip

RSC103  RSC103  Suction Cather Kit, 10fr, Graduated Catheter, Delee Tip

RSC104  RSC104  Suction Cather Kit, 12fr, Whistle Tip

RSC105  RSC105  Suction Cather Kit, 14fr, Whistle Tip

RSC106  RSC106  Suction Cather Kit, 16fr, Whistle Tip

RSC107  RSC107  Suction Cather Kit, 16fr, Whistle Tip

RSC108  RSC108  Suction Cather Kit, 18fr, Whistle Tip

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