Tracheostomy Care

The tracheostomy care products developed by Legend Medical Devices, Inc. consist of tracheostomy mask and tracheostomy clean and care trays. There are 4 different combiantions of the tracheostomy care trays developed to tailor the need in diverse clinical settings.

Image Model- Item Name Package Quantity
RTM101  RTM101  Tracheostomy Mask, Adult

RTM102  RTM102  Tracheostomy Mask, Pediatric

Trach. Care Mini Kit  RTC001  Tracheostomy Clean and Care Tray, Mini Kit,

Trach. Care Standard Kit  RTC002  Tracheostomy Clean and Care Tray, Standard

Trach. Care Complete Kit  RTC003  Tracheostomy Clean and Care Tray, Complete Kit

Trach. Care Enhance Tray  RTC004  Tracheostomy Clean and Care Tray, Enhancement Tray w/H2O2

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